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Maite Nobo, Trailblazer, 2021, Mixed media on canvas, 84 x 48 inches

Trailblazer, 2019


Trailblazer, 2019

Mixed-Media on canvas

84 x 48 inches

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Leaders make their own path. Don't fall into the abyss with the herd.

Maite Nobo Bio


Nobo is an Artist and Interior Architect born in Havana, Cuba. She is known for being the creator of BIG. in two and three dimensions all exhibiting her proprietary style which she calls “Underground Chic”.

After the Cuban Revolution, Nobo fled to America with her family where she spent her formative years living in New York City. She is a descendent of one of the most noble families in Spain who was granted a Marquis title and land in Cuba. She currently resides in Florida.

Nobo has developed her Artist career over the last 37 years and is currently launching publically . Her goal is to deliver a message with minimal content. She has developed two main platforms; large scale paintings and shield sculptures. Each has a purpose and delivers a powerful message.

Nobo views herself as an “art rebel” that uses unconventional tools, metals and construction materials. She plans her work methodically weeks and sometimes months in advance but allows the process to happen with ease. Nobo has an avant- grade approach to her work and is committed to a life without fear and boundaries. Ultimately her work is forward thinking with a disconcerting eye for proportion, color and detail.

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