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J. Steven Manolis' Black & White, 2017 Zaha Hadid Sky Lounge, Miami, FL
Zaha Hadid Chooses J. Steven Manolis

J Steven Manolis' Black & White, (MMLM) 2017 in Zaha Hadid's 1000 Museum Sky Lounge in Miami, FL

Manolis Projects is pleased to announce that the Homeowners Association (HOA) of 1000 Museum, also know as "The Zaha Hadid Building," has chosen J. Steven Manolis' 2017 Black & White (MMLM) to be the sole painting in the Sky Lounge arrival gallery. It is a great honor for Manolis to be chosen and an even greater honor to be displayed in Miami's #1 architectural masterpiece. Every single element of this exceptional building, both interior and exterior, is fully designed with Zaha Hadid's signature style and vision. If artists are known by the company they keep, then one of the apexes of Manolis' career might be this selection and placement. 


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